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We are using the Standard material for manufacturing the product - Connecting Rods. We can also develop the Connecting Rods in any Material, required by the Customer, on the basis of the Quantity or/& availability of the Material.

Generally, the raw materials purchasing are made from following materials
** Forgings : CK-45 / EN-8D / EN-9 / EN-15 / C-70 / 40Cr1/ 42CrMo4, 38NiCrMo4, Aluminum & any other grade of Material as per the requirement of the Customer without or with Hardening {(As Forged, Normalizing or NQT (Tempering, Normalized & Quenching)}.
** Bushes : In Bi-metal : # 1 SAE – 1010
In Gun metal # 2 SAE - 792
** Bolts : SAE 4140
** Nuts : EN-8

Thus we are using standard materials for our Raw Material, which are being procured from reputed ISO-9000 series companies.

The materials, that we are purchasing are coming firstly in the Store Room and then after it goes for the Metallurgical, Chemical as well as Visual inspection. After that it goes to the Production Departments for further developing.

To check the materials, we have a fully equipped Laboratory, where various Material Inspections take places.
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