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For us, “Q” means “Quality” only. We are maintaining the quality of our product from Incoming raw material up to finished product. Having constant feedback from the customers, we could develop ourselves to adjust with the pace of time.

By using Forgings, Bushes, Bolts, Nuts & Dowell Pins as a raw material, we are in the process of Manufacturing of Connecting Rods. To maintain the standard quality of our final manufacturing product i.e. Connecting rod, we are purchasing the raw materials form an ISO-9002 certified companies. The material that we are being used generally, are as under.

Material Grades of Raw Material :
For Forging, we are using EN8D, EN9, 42CrMo4, C-70, EN15, 40Cr1, 20MnCr5, EN-19, Aluminum etc.
For Bushes, we are using SAE-1010 for Bi-metal Bushes & SAE-792 for Gun Metal Bushes.
For Bolts, we are using SAE-4140.
For Nuts, we are using EN-8 Material.

The above Material grades are standard. But, if the Customers have any special requirements of any particular material grade, we also can use the same if it is easily available in the market, accordance with the quantity requiered to the Customers.

We are maintaining the Quality of our product by inspection at every stage :

First, the Incoming material inspection is carried out, in which Physical and Chemical Properties of raw materials are being inspected by our metallurgists & chemists. It also contains dimensional & visual inspection.
  • Second, the Production Inspections is being carried out through our qualified supervisors by continuously filling of the patrol inspection reports.
  • Third, the Final Inspection, where the important parameters of the Connecting Rods are being checked at the 100% level alongwith visual inspection.
To maintain the Quality at All Leve :
  • We have a fully equipped Standard Room where highly precision facilities are available like M/s. Accurate Gauging (Pune) make CNC version 3D-CMM. Also, the Calibration Testing facilities for various kind of Testing & Inspection Instruments are being kept over here.
  • We have installed 2-Spindle Automatic Torque Runner Machine make by George Renaults.
  • In Final Inspection, we have a Component Washing Machine to wash the Connecting Rods and make them rust & burs free and provide them good faces.
  • We have installed Crack Detector machine to trace-out Forging defects.
  • We recently have applied new packing method of Shearing Packing of Con Rods.
  • We also have a fully equipped Laboratory, where the raw material inspections are being done.
The continuous improvement on Quality standards by implementing process control & prevention techniques as well as improving manufacturing facilities are the parts of our Quality Control process.

We are taking utmost care of our each & every components & of course of customers too.
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